Project 52: Consider Your Vision

A little over a year ago I set up my pet photography business.  I was still working part-time, so my full-blast marketing didn’t start until this past August.  My vision has always been to capture the soul and personality of the animal, whether they are for a paying client or at an animal shelter.  Developing a style to manifest that vision is what I’m working on.  While I tend to compare myself to others too much, preparing for this blog and reviewing my past photos have shown me that I have improved, small steps at a time.  Below is a progression of photos that I took of my cat, Lana.  The first, taken in 2007, was snapped with a point-and-shoot… I thought it was pretty good at the time, but, OMG, look at the composition.  In front of a pet carrier???  (NOTE:  If anyone wants to steal this photo, they can have it since I didn’t watermark it)  The next photo was shortly after I got my second – and one of my current – cameras, my Nikon D600, in early 2013.  I was endeavoring to get close since the lens was a 24-70mm, 2.8, but it is a bit soft.  The 3rd one was taken a couple of days ago – this is the style I’ve been doing lately – clean, unobstructed surroundings, all on the animal.

What was I thinking????
What was I thinking????
A bit soft, but getting better
A bit soft, but getting better
This is much more reflective of what I'm doing now.
This is much more reflective of what I’m doing now.

Below are some recent photos that I feel reflect what I’m trying to achieve… one is of Mickey from a shelter photo and the other is a recent client, Old Dan, who’s far from old since he’s actually a little over 1 year.  I learned a lot from this photo of Old Dan.  I wasn’t going to show it to the owners as I thought it didn’t show his face that much, but, last minute, I added it and they absolutely loved it.  In fact, it was their top choice – go figure!

Gorgeous Mickey from local shelter
Gorgeous Mickey from local shelter
Old Dan - one of his quiet moments
Old Dan – one of his quiet moments

I’m grateful for this opportunity to review my “style” and see that I am progressing; just have to keep at it.  Next in the loop is Shelley Castle Pet Photography in Northern VA, DC, MD.  Click on to the link and see what her vision and style is.

If you live in the Gulf Shores area – Mississippi, Alabama, Florida – and you’d like a session for your 4-legged friend, contact me at Ono Pet Photography.

4 thoughts on “Project 52: Consider Your Vision”

  1. Wow! Your work has come a long way! So nice to look back at where we were and compare to where we are now, isn’t it?

    1. Trina, you are so right. I think I should do it more often since it will make me realize that I have come a long way, and stop sweating that I’m not like “so and so” photography. Thank you for reminding me again.

  2. I love that you were willing to share your progression. It is so inspiring to see how far you’ve come! Your recent photos are really beautiful.

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