Project 52: New

New Year, New You, and, hopefully, New Me.  I have some quirky ways to define new, so here goes.

Below is a picture of my love, Chloe.  She just had a new bath and is sporting a new scarf to start the New Year.  She’s shown in our garage where we had a new motor installed for our garage door opener, which broke on Saturday (Jan. 2 – Happy New Year!).  The light on the ceiling and reflected on the car is part of the new motor.  Photo was taken with a new camera that I’m just starting to use – the Nikon D750.  In fact, this is the first photo.  Now I have two cameras with the intent to have one lens on the D600 and another lens on this new D750.  Then I won’t have to change lenses in the middle of a session.

Chloe sporting a new scarf from her new grooming session
Chloe sporting a new scarf from her new grooming session

New Year means more photos at The Haven, the shelter I’ve been associated with for 10 years.  Up until June, I worked there, but now have my photography business, so my camera volunteers to help make their animals look great for potential adopters.  This photo below is Pickles, and he was the first (new) pet I photographed at the shelter in 2016.  Somehow, he didn’t like any type of noises, didn’t really want a treat, and the closer I got to him, the more he would bark.  But, he eventually calmed down and I got this great picture.  Also, rather than going once a month, the shelter director would like me to come to the shelter once a week so that they can be current on their photos.  So excited for this new year!Pickles

Mostly, new for me is fighting thru my uncertainties about my photography, stop stressing, and enjoy the sessions more.  I have new advertising options coming up, new businesses to partner with, and will be sponsoring several events throughout the year, including a local Mardi Gras dog walking parade where I’ve been taking photos for several years.  New Year should be a fun year!

Let’s continue the loop and visit Pet Love Photography, Cincinnati & San Francisco Bay Area with their interpretation of “new”.

If you live in the Gulf Coast Area – Mississippi, Alabama, Florida – contact me for some new photos of your 4-legged family member.

9 thoughts on “Project 52: New”

  1. Yay YOU, Kathie! I feel your pain, as I stress before every shoot. I just want everything to go perfectly, and just need to relax more and tell myself “You got this!” – but I know what you mean. Nicely done with these sweet pups. So hard to get the rescue pups and kitties to relax and give you a nice pose. Well done.

    1. Marianne – nice to know there’s someone out there with my same doubts. I will follow you and hope you will follow me to see our progression and give each other a friendly “nudge” when we need it.

  2. Wow, so much NEW ahead of you. This is so exciting! I truly hope it all works perfectly as planned

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Pavlina. I appreciate it. And I love your photos… hopefully I’ll get there eventually.

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