Project 52: Negative Space

Negative Space is the topic of the week.   Negative space can be defined  as “the empty or open space around an object that defines it.”  I don’t think my selected photos are a true example of negative space as there is something in that area, but busy week, so I grabbed this one as a possible example.

Just a few days ago, I photographed Glenn, a senior dachshund (about 17 years old).  This little guy can’t walk well and is incontinent, but he still has a lot of energy.  After trying, not too successfully, to take some photos on a bench, the owner suggested putting him on the floor.  Shortly after she did that, he looked up at her and I knew I had a good picture.  Have not yet finished the post-processing, but the direction of his eyes told me a bit of space was needed.  Below you can see the difference from the two different crops.  I favor the second one as it tells a bit of a story.  Those eyes seem to be asking: “Why am I down here?”, “What do I do now?”

Cropped close….


Cropped with a bit of space….


Head on over to Natural, Playful & Soulful Pet Photography in Melbourne, Australia to see their take on negative space.



7 thoughts on “Project 52: Negative Space”

  1. I think that second crop really does help with the story and provide more breathing room. My eyes follow his eyes and the composition of the second photo just works for me.

  2. Glenn looks like a very trusting soul. It makes me happy that he has a devoted owner who loves him, because seniors are the best! I agree that the negative space makes this a very different photo. Nice job!

  3. Glenn is so cute! I agree, I prefer the second crop because it tells more of a story. Seniors are so special – I’m sure Glenn’s mom will love this!

  4. I like the 2nd crop better too. It leaves more space on the right where Glenn is looking. Doxies are such fun to photograph.

  5. Awe, that face. Definitely the second crop. You can also blur background more with different lens choice to isolate the subject more. This is absolutely adorable. Two of my pups are seniors and I love taking as many photos as I can. I feel like I don’t have enough. What a beautiful color, Glenn’s mom will treasure this!

  6. Lovely! With Glenn facing to his left, the 2nd crop with the negative space to our right definitely tells a story 🙂 He is precious!

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