Project 52: Doorways

This week’s theme is “Doorways”.  When doing outdoor shots, it’s always good to offer some with a frame of some sort… between trees, amid flowers, between posts, or, very simple, in a doorway.

Below is a recent photo in front of the owner’s french doors.  It was a challenge because of the windows, but I think it frames the big guy very well.

One of my first clients was a cute frenchie.  When I came to the house, the husband directed me to various locations in the backyard.  He was proud of the hard work his wife had done with their yard and I attempted to accommodate him.  However, I finally said, let’s go in front of your front door, which caught my attention as soon as I came to the house.   It may not be a true “frame”, but that door certainly spotlights the dog.

Time to move on to Lynda Mowat from Heartstrings Photography, based in Hamilton, New Zealand and see how she interpreted this week’s theme.

6 thoughts on “Project 52: Doorways”

  1. Frenchies are one of my favorites. He really stands out in front of that red door.

  2. Yes, that door does spot light the dog. I love the other one as well. I must have been a challenge with the reflection, but it is beautiful.

  3. Red doors are like a magnet aren’t they! Lovely shot of the frenchie. I also love the door with the windows.

  4. Great work with that door and colorful mat, they frame that Frenchie perfectly! Great tones in the first image as well, beautiful work!

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