Is This Heaven?

Misty - not heaven, but makes a great photo

Misty – not heaven, but makes a great photo

What does a famous quote (or should I say, 1/2 of the quote) from “Field of Dreams” have to do with photography?  Well, my friends, my first blog entry will explain that to you.  Be forewarned, it will show me to be a rather bumbling hick when it comes to traveling, not very careful in reviewing airplane itineraries, and rather dull in catching on to “red flags” when they are presented to me.

In late July, I found myself in an airplane, heading for Canada to be part of a mentoring session with Illona Haus, the owner of Scruffy Dog Photography.  To those of us in the pet photography genre, she is the be-all, the quintessential photographer of our chosen field.  She takes fabulous photos of her client’s dogs, catching their personalities, whether they are static or running like the wind.  She does not do workshops with 8-15 eager neophyte photographers in attendance.  Continue reading Is This Heaven?