Project 52: Low Light

LOW LIGHT is this week’s topic for Pet Photography 52 Weeks.  For many years, I’ve always admired the drama of low light and thought I’d need so much equipment to do it.  Not so.  For the cat photo below of my sweetheart Momi, I put a piece of seamless black paper on the wall, had my TD6 continuous light stand with only one light on at the left of this photo, and turned off all the lights in the room.  Of course, the cat was very cooperative.  And Voila!  There’s my girl.  To me, pure drama.Momi_LowKey_Wk50

At about the same time as the above photo, I put my Chloe girl on the bench with the same set up to see how she’d look.  While there is drama, I really love the cat’s photo because it’s black on black with those beautiful golden eyes.Chloe_LowKey_Wk50

Click here to go to Suzi Pix Photography and see her interpretation of this fun topic.

If you live in the Gulf Coast Area and would like a dramatic photo of your own 4-legged friend, please contact me at Ono Pet Photography.

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