Project 52: Love

Love is in the air.

Personally, I  see love when I look into the eyes of my pets.  One in particular is my Chloe.  She’s my velcro dog, she follows me around the house, but, one thing she doesn’t really like, is for me to kiss her.  So, I got a little playful last night and inserted a red lips overlay on her in this photo showing her gazing up at me, as she always does.  Sorry Chloe!

Now, moving on to the actual photo representing love.  I very seldom include people in my photos, but rather want to concentrate on the pet.  But, the end of last year, in another Christmas card session, I took this photo below.  The owner had wanted a silhouette type of picture.  The sun was setting from the left and between the pier we were on and the sun were trees, boat houses, boats… not really conducive to a clean silhouette.  So I told the owner that we would take a semi-silhouette photo.  This is my personal favorite of the session since you can see the dog gazing into her owner’s eyes.  Shows the wonderful bond between us and our pets.

To continue the circle, go to Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area to see their interpretation of “LOVE”.

9 thoughts on “Project 52: Love”

  1. Silhouettes require so much to be “just right.” I like what you did here though.

    Regarding the lips overlay, is that the one from Brown Leopard? I read about those recently and wanted to see how they looked!

  2. The lips are great! I have had an idea for a while with this same type of overlay, but have not put it to use, so your post has inspired me. The last photo shows a lovely connection between owner and dog. Very nice!

  3. Hahaha the lips is cute , I have a cat that hates kisses unless it’s on his terms , Lovely connection in that last image she must of loved it.

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