Project 52: Black and White

This week’s theme is “Black and White.”  I think the first thought is a photo converted to black and white.  Below is one I took of my dog several months ago.  Rather moody and not really typical of what I do.

However,  I wanted to be a bit creative.  I have a black cat who is really a fabulous model.  I taped a piece of white background paper to a wall,  and then positioned a small piece of black backdrop paper in a “diamond” shape over that. NOTE: It’s not perfectly symmetrical so no need to tell me that.  I purchased a black/white throw (lots on sale now at the discount stores) and put it over a bench.  I recently acquired various colors/designs of ties that a cat or small dog could wear, so I selected a black and white tie.  I had originally wanted to photograph my black cat with my white/black cat who actually has more white than black.  However, this white/black cat is very skittish and she wouldn’t in any way sit still.  So I used only my black cat.  I placed a TD5 light stand on the side.

That’s my interpretation this time around of “Black and White”.  Click over to Bark & Gold Photography to see their interpretation.



6 thoughts on “Project 52: Black and White”

  1. I saw this sneak peek in the Hair of the Dog Facebook group and thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” I love your out-of-the-box approach to that beautiful black cat.

  2. Nice work on being creative with your black kitty. The throw looks great with that pattern as does the tie! And what a great sport your kitty was to wear it. Nice job!

  3. Love it! I had also thought of having a photo of my black cat with my white cat – unfortunately they hate each other and there was no way it was going to happen haha

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