Project 52: Different Perspective

The topic this week is  “Different Perspective.”  As a photographer, we try to get the best composition before we snap the shutter.  Often, we get frustrated because it just doesn’t seem to be the right one.  Many times, just composing the photo from a different angle,  or the photographer physically moving a few inches either way can make a great difference.  I took an e-photography course last year and the instructor told us to, occasionally, look down.  For that class, I got on a very high ladder and snapped the foliage in my backyard.  Let me add, that I very seldom do this and it tells me that I should do it more often in my sessions.

For this week’s theme, I just stood on a chair and hovered over one of my cats, Misty, as she was sleeping on the bed.  I got her to look up and the result is more interesting than if I had just put the camera on the bed in line with her face.

Head on over to Dog Shotz Photography serving the Indianapolis IN area to see their interpretation of this week’s theme.


5 thoughts on “Project 52: Different Perspective”

  1. Cute shot! I am so entertained by the expressions so many of us are seeing from our pets when we get up high (or low) to photograph them.

  2. I find doing these types of shots much easier with smaller pets and I find myself doing them frequently. I like the result. Nice job!

  3. I think cats are much more cooperative than dogs because they will lay for long periods of time and give you great expressions. Is Misty a tortie? I like the contrast between Misty’s fur and the cover, and the way the pattern sort of flares out from her.

    1. Thanks Elaine. That’s exactly how I feel … at the shelter where I volunteer, I actually prefer cats, forces me to be quick. And, yes, Misty is a Tortie. I brought her to Alabama from Hawaii. She’s the last of the 3 animals I transported who are still with us. And I, too, noticed the flares coming out from her.

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